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Friday, January 21, 2011


Whoa! This is so cool! A Barbie with a tiny high-tech camera on its breasts. What more can be more cool than this one? I have to get one of this as a surveillance inside the house. I have two teen, male and always curious kids and they are growing and finding out a lot of things and I want to make sure they are not into something fishy. Nice idea, right?

I feel so relaxed and surely much updated after reading the articles that you keep updating on the website. It relieves me a lot and at the same time informs me because there according to me isn’t anything that is much informed as you are.such bright things coming from your post....

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Barbie has been accused of programming little girls since 1959, and all possible photos of superficial consumer culture plant.

I have a big collection of this barbie dolls which were given when I was young. Now I should be careful if boys present me one!

I too collected all the barbie dolls as a little girl, but we definitely had nothing like this.. That is so funny.. Thanks for sharing x

wow! How funny! lol I wouldn't have believed it without seeing it. Whatever will they come up with next?

Wow what a pretty doll.It is really beautiful.It made me smile.Thanks for this amazing blog.

I love Barbi doll.It is favorite of all the peoples.It is a dreamy doll of the little girls.You share such an amazing blog with us.

Cool barbie!!! I loved.

I like so much barbie doll. I have many barbie but your images is wonderful. I like her eyes most. Its look like pretty and so cool.

Wow so cute barbie. I like so much this photo. I like most doll's colour because its cool and peaceful. You have done best work.

That's hott

Wonderful and superb color combination, your post is really nice. The Barbie looks very cute.

Great article thank you - As always!

I was going to tell you all about a recent bad restaurant experience we had where four reasonable adults and two children unanimously decided to walk out. But, instead, I'm devoting the space to calling out my 10 favorite restaurant meals of last year, because I feel like sharing the love, not the hate.

So cute...

Barby doll always looks so gorgeous.It is favourite off all girls.You post such a nice picture of it.

This Barby doll looks so nice in this pictures.It is best gift for the girls.I love this doll.

Wow, so lovely Barbie doll. She is looking so beautiful, its pink dress make her more attractive. Barbie is so cutest doll and like by all girls.

Very interesting post. Thank you!

Wow! Its beautiful and sweet barbie. I like so much this image. Its great and beautiful post. Girl more like barbie.

Am I the only one who things Barbie looks like she had some work done by, dare I say it, a plastic surgeon?
She seems to have those cat eyes that some women with too much money and too many surgeries get.

All people are huge fan of Barbi doll, and specially girls are crazy for her. This Barbi doll looking really gorgeous.

Barbie doll always looks so beautiful.I like so much this image. Its great and awesome post. She is more liked by girls.

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