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Friday, September 17, 2010


Aren't you going to blame Bush?

Should I?

There are no poor children. Kids don't work and earn wages or make the major choices about how money is spent. Everything is given, or not given, to kids. Poverty is a condition of adults. How poverty is managed, what sacrifices are made, varies from family to family.

It's more constructive to discuss poverty in tangible terms. For example: the number of malnourished children, children who don't receive breakfast or have it publicly funded at school, don't receive dental care or receive it publicly funded, and so forth.

Your calculations are depressing but it is evident that more and more people give up such things as eating out in a good restaurant, for example. The point is that the country whose original value was freedom and democracy now makes the citizens live a life similar to the one slaves once had.

Wow a truely wonderful post! Thanks a bunch

This is really disheartening to know that a lot of people are in poverty. I am so lucky that I belong to a middle class family where we can somehow afford what we would like. But I am always saddened when I hear or see people in poverty especially children. That is why I always extend my help whenever I can to show my help to our unlucky brothers and sisters.

Poverty has been the problem of society since then. There are issues arising from the lack of employment, and sort of that leads to poverty. In a country, this is not a good sign when we want to attract investors. But the government on the other hand are making solutions to it. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us.

Poverty is the harshest social climate a child can grow up in.It is the state of being poor, while the environment is the condition that affects mainly, the behavior and development of something.

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