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Monday, August 23, 2010


We really have to watch everything in these times from what we eat to what we play with. I just started blogging so look forward to reading more from your site. http://dadsviewoftwo.blogspot.com/ is my blog. Hope I can make it a full year with out working getting in the way.

That's right, folks. Don't eat your cookie dough.

Send it all to me.


When my nephew was small, we almost lost him from salmonella. It was so bad that the only place they could find to place the iv was in his head. When I heard of the egg recall, I dumped all the eggs in the house. I will never take chances with this disease.

Oh my, we have to cook everything well for kids. Yet, whether we did this already, there's many bacteria immune high temperature. Somehow, we have to aware about everything.

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