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Thursday, July 01, 2010


Obviously this is a huge and very emotional issue. I fully support legal immigration. I believe that immigrant populations should be afforded the rights and protections under the U.S. law which brought them here. I also believe that a country has a right to control it's borders. I won't solve this debate and I don't know what will, but I don't think that it is helpful when people attack any attempt to curtail illegal immigration as anti-immigrant. You state: "chasing immigrants out of Arizona’s public schools is no accident" and "legal attack on immigrants" but you have omitted (intentionally?) the VERY important qualifier "illegal" from your statements. I agree that there are impacts to legal immigrants and that is a truly unfortunate byproduct of this aggressive legislation. But if we are going to make progress on this debate, I think all sides need to be clear in their characterizations and avoid demonizing those whose opinions and actions we disagree with.

Well, I used the word illegal earlier, so I was just avoiding using the term over and over. But here's the thing, in my mind at least, illegal is irrelevant when it comes to children.

Children cannot be "illegal" just for being who and where they are. It's a form of dehumanizing I find repugnant. How can you declare a child illegal if their parents brought or sent them over?

And what is illegal? I would run across the border, too, if my home country was impoverished. Is trying to survive a crime?

But more importantly: Whenever any group of people -- children or adult -- are dehumanized, bad things follow. It's a scary state of mind that allows us to do things we shouldn't to other people.

But it's a moot point. Most illegal aliens already here are here to stay. The real danger is failing to educate the children, because that creates a entrenched, bitter underclass that will cause more problems down the road than just educating the kids properly today.

If you don't understand that illegal means against the law, you shouldn't hold forth. Maybe shouldn't vote either.

Illegal is a status conveyed by society. Human rights, however, cannot be suspended. Ever.

illegal immigrants? please include those from Africa I d say!! Culture differences speaks volume for fathering

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