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Sunday, May 16, 2010


My niece broke out in a red rash just this week after my sister opened a new package of new Swaddlers. My Mom then compared an old diaper she had in a bag with a new one. She found that the inner portion of the new "improved" diaper was of a much rougher texture than the old version. Needless to say, my sister is trying to locate as many packages of the old style Swaddlers as possible.

You hear that P&G????

First: I love your blog. It makes my heart happy to see a Daddy blog :)
Second: I've NEVER LIKED P&G products. I've always been some what of an old soul/tree hugger. When I was in high school I did a report on animal cruelty. I picked P&G to pinpoint because they have always been under fire for testing thier products on animals. My question is, WHY do you need to test them on animals? Do you really have that many chemicals in your stuff?? Ewwww.

Well, even after they test on animals, they then test on humans. Lael and I are allergic to most detergents.

Wow - fascinating. My daughter has had horrible diaper rash while in papers and we switched to Luvs and have NO problems at all. The perfume in Pampers is probably enough of a chemical insult alone.

Glad to know I wasn't imagining things. She would itch and itch and itch where her diaper met her thighs and a horrible rash would develop under her diaper and cover the whole area. No diaper creme could take care of it. At one point I resorted to steroid cream. I switched her to natural diapers and it persisted a bit then to Luvs and its gone.

We should all boycott P & G anyway for reasons already cited. They are vivisectionists in the extreme and have found their way in to almost every product category out there. That can't be good for the American consumer.

Thanks Meredith for sharing. One clue for us that the diaper rash was an allergic reaction: kids Benadryl (before it was recalled) would knock Lael out like a light.

our daughter xandria has had only one encounter with papmpers, she broke out. went back to using luvs. havent had a prob since. yea too bad its not the diaper huh! P&G only cares about the money and stock brokers. i do not buy P&G products anymore.

Considering all the problems P&G is having with recalls, it is clear that they are having serious issues over there.

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