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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I could NOT believe that the kids actually wanted to eat that nugget after seeing how Jamie prepared it. But some of those kids? I think they saw the reaction of other kids and followed. Would have been interesting to see smaller groups of kids trying out the new lunches.

The chicken nugget thing actually upset me, because it was so obviously vile.

I wasn't entirely surprised that kids didn't recognize a tomato or potato, but it's still scary to see. (I wonder if that happened in all the classes or just that one.)

I agree smaller groups would have helped, though I'm not sure how much.

its a shame that kids these days seem to eat so much junk. Jamie is a great advocate of healthy food here in the UK - i just hope his influece and enthusiasm rubs off in the US too.

I absolutely agree. Jamie is a good example to young individuals, I thin with his good intentions he can also do it in the US.

I have to say that overall the choice of kids food throughout the world in restaurants is pretty grim. There is nothing better than feeding your kids a good lunch, but when we go out with the kids, there is nothing on the menu but sausage, chicken nuggets or fish fingers and chips.

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