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Sunday, December 06, 2009


On the front vs. top load debate, front loaders are significantly more expensive than top loaders, and come with various care issues -- need to wipe down the seal to avoid mold, need to buy special high efficiency soap. However, they're also supposed to be able to wash more per load, be gentler on clothes and get them cleaner. So pros and cons on both sides.

I guess you just have to find out how much it's gonna cost to get it fixed -- if you're spending 150-200 to get a 15 year old washer fixed versus spending 400-600 for a brand new one that is probably more energy efficient and uses less water...long term it's certainly a better bet to buy new, but if you're short on cash in the short term, then the money's just not there.

To me, a good washer and dryer is one of the most important investments you can make in the mental health of your household. Yup, I believe that an efficient laundry makes everybody happy. So, gather every last penny and buy that set of front loaders you want.

Repairs to my washer were well worth it. It was they dryer repairs that started happening every 3-4 months that pushed me to buy a new front loading he washer and dryer. You can't really fit that much more clothes in it. Things starrto smell quickly. It's back breaking to move the wet clothes from one to the other all hunched over. I haven't seen a decrease in my water bill that I expected and I do 8-10 loads a week.

If I were buying again I would look at the top loaders with front load technology. My mom has one and it is really nice.

I would look into repair but agree with buying. Front loaders don't hold that much though and things like lightweight (when dry) blankets become very heavy when wet. This can cause problems in a front loader more so than a top load machine. Nothing like wringing out a twin blanket from the new front loader and taking over to the laudromat even though you've washed it numerous times in your top loader before.

If you do decide to buy, I would not recommend a Roper brand. It will say on it "Roper by Whirlpool" but they are, to say the least, garbage. Mine is less than three years old and I have a bad motor already. Roper/Whirlpool is replacing the motor part but I have to pay for installation.

Good luck and glad Seth is ok.

I have a Fisher Paykel Eco Smart top loader with front load technology. It's like the best of both worlds. I do 2-4 loads a DAY and the thing has been a dream. We've had it for 1.5 years now. Our research found it had really mixed reviews but for us it's been my dream machine. Got it at a Sears outlet in San Diego, I have no idea if its avail. in AZ. Good luck with your decision! :)

I take the long view on everything. Buy an energy-efficient model if you can afford it.

re: Mark's front-loader issue. Avoid mold by washing with bleach now and then.

In lieu of that, employ the laundromat method – leave the door open between washes so everything dries out. (Check that the machine can be powered off while the door is closed.)

That advice came from the guy who replaced our door seal due to extensive mold. He said our particular Maytag (the subject of a recall) has a special mold problem. The new seal was supposed to fix that. We've had no problems since.

I'll never go back to a top loader. We've had no problems stuffing the thing completely full of jeans or anything. A top loader has to work harder because it fills the entire basin with water -- a great waste.

Er, that should be, "check that the machine can be powered off while the door is OPEN."

I'm kind of leaning over buying a new washer since you mentioned having a Whirlpool washer. I have heard of a lot of unpleasant stories of Whirlpool users. If you are on a tight budget, you can always try using portable front loaders. The cheapest one can cost around 5oo bucks. Since you mentioned getting a house of your own in a few years' time, this type of washer makes it easier to move around and transfer.

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