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Monday, December 14, 2009


We just started Henry in tumbling 2 months ago. He is the only boy but he doesn't mind and he's definitely the most enthusiastic student. The way he throws his body down the mat without a care in the world is thrilling.

Lael had a boy in each of her classes. They walked around lost most of the time, so consider yourself lucky!

Do a price comparison with Capoeira classes in your area. It has elements of gymnastics. It's a martial art, but has infrequent physical contact, and in that way it's also like a spontaneous dance where you anticipate your partner's moves. I like it because it's co-ed and is most often called a game (with no winners). Girls play on-par with boys right on up through adulthood. If it interests you, attend an annual Batizado (a show + students receive new belts) to spark initial interest.

I never heard of them before, but I found this site for AZ: http://www.capoeiraarizona.com/photos/

Seems interesting.

Here's a video of a Tempe group:

And a girl holding a birthday roda:

The roda (hoe-duh) is an informal sparring (game). Notice that when two people are playing, the group surrounds them in a circle, clapping and singing. It's a very supportive environment no matter the skill level. My daughter got interested after seeing a performance at a fair.

And one more vid, of a mestre (Capoeira teacher) speaking on its importance for children.


Okay, preaching done.

Good point. I hadn't tohugth about it quite that way. :)Your article looks nice!

Thanks for the comments.Now all became clear, I thank for the help and I hope to see more such articles.

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