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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Please consider posting a review of these book series', including what you didn't like about ones you've chosen for him not to read.

Does Seth watch TV? How much? Why no fantasy books?

What's the tally being kept for school? Are these all books from the school library?

Yikes! I'll have to do that after our fall vacation.

Hey AJ -- Yes, we're keeping a log at the teacher's request. All the 2nd graders are doing this but Seth is setting the land speed record.

I wrote a book review blog called Bookbuds.net for about four years. It was fun, but terribly time-consuming. Many picture book reviews are still up in the archives.

There's also Cybils.com, the book awards I head that puts out a huge list of winners for all age groups every year. Check the "finalists" category.

No fantasy or scary stuff because Seth gets nightmares, at least until he's older.

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