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Sunday, October 18, 2009


'Realtor' is the second job of a great many people. Who isn't scrambling to figure out how to scrape by as our country crumbles? Oh yeah, the super rich.

In my town, I know a barber, retired pro athlete, computer store owner and quite a few college graduates (who couldn't find work) who have all become realtors, or massage therapists or other service industry jobs that offer the flexibility to fit around their first occupation.

If we could just get our politicians to stop playing their silly games, maybe something would get fixed.

1. We let the free market determine compensation, except for in education and public service careers - these salaries are generally set through legislation. The salaries you think are low are mainly in education or public service. How is capitalism responsible for holding these people down when their salaries aren't even decided by a free market?

Also, the careers you listed - teaching, construction, driving buses - can have wealthy people in the ranks. Read the Millionaire Mind for the story of a wealthy bus driver.

2. People aren't held back because it's so hard to make sure your child goes to a "top" school. People are held back by this mentality that "top" schools are necessary for success or even just a decent life. That line of thinking is also an insult to the many hard working teachers with low pay at these middle level schools that apparently aren't fit for students according to most people.

If a parent provides a safe home environment, makes sure the student shows up at school and takes advantage of whatever resources are available at a school, and emphasizes the importance of getting an education, then that student is well positioned to get a great education and prepare for a great career. No struggle to survive in order to get into a "top" school district is needed.

Furthermore, college isn't about going to the top schools either. Any solid state university will open any and all doors needed for a career at the top ranks of the corporate world, the engineering world, etc.

3. We need to teach our children to live within their means, save, and invest. We also need to teach respect for those who have done this, not derision or anger. In addition to The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind, read the Millionaire Women Next Door and the Difference.

4. Capitalism is not messed up. Our problems stem from the fractional reserve monetary system. Check out "Money As Debt".

JH, since the early 1900's almost all of the legislation regarding education, including salaries, have been influenced by the General Education Board. General Education Board is a private foundation established by the Rockefellers. That also explains why our public education offers so little to those who may want to become entrepreneurs. Regarding Construction workers and bus drivers-- PLEASE! How many construction workers do you know who'd be considered wealthy?

The writer is simply conveying the frustrations and concerns of so many, including yours truly. Many people know that debt is bad, living within your means is good. Try to tell that to a kid who's ridiculed every day because he's picked up in a paid off car, which happens to be a 93 Honda Civic. The number of incidents will break anyone. You can absolutely insist on teaching your kids your own values at the risk of the kid completely becoming an outcast.

You seem like an intelligent person. Hell, I'll bet you know about Fractional Reserve Banking! So, what's your beef with letting out some steam?

Amen! Excellent rebuttal to an apologist for the wealthy bastards who are ruining our country! If we can just wrest back control of our government from them... maybe we can DO something about this!

Rock on Bret! I'm beginning to think the NYT is more than slightly out of touch with us peasants anyway.

This comes from the daughter of a truck driver who got through a state college through work and Pell grants. Yes, I bought into the lie of upward mobility too. What have I got to show for it? I stay home with my children because I was laid off 4 years ago. I get looked down and dismissed by employers for being a "stay-at-home" mom.

Of course I could just have misdirected anger at those lovely rich folks.

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