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Monday, September 28, 2009


I want a monitor that simply detects an elevated pulse, and it sends out a signal to activate the TV, Computers and Video games only after it has detected that their little hearts are beating hard for a minimum of 45m a day.

I don't want to have monitors that tell me things that I have to then worry about and act on. My hair is already falling out fast enough. But "set and forget" types of monitors that enforce things for me, that's a real parental helper.

Maybe they can be programmable?

I know you're joking and all, but unfortunately there are way too many people who would pay top $ for these monitors!

Yeah, I'm grasping for those nervous laughs.

I'll go for a pair of earpods.

There's a string of Doctor Who episodes that establish (Bluetooth-looking) earpods as a means to deliver data into a brain and/or turn a person into a mindless zombie who walks to the nearest conversion chamber to have their brain implanted into a Cyberman (robot).

That sort of gadget would come in handy when managing a rambunctious child.

I just spent a day at my son's school chaperoning kids across campus. It would be a lot easier with a remote control.

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