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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I left a comment at Raising WEG about the Cybils.

I know why Illinois is so solid colored, we are one of the few families on our block who doesn't have a lawn service spray for weeds. Just yesterday the was a tanker truck slowly moving up the street at a man sprayed almost every lawn on the block. You know what we do have in our lawn? Wild strawberries and clover and loads of wildflowers. And what else? We are the end of a bee highway with a hive south of us. You can stand in our yard and SEE the bee highway coming and going from our garden and two large native flower patches.

I'd rather have the strawberries than toxic chemicals, that's for sure.

If you could see my lawn right now you would know I stand on the side of weeds!

Honestly I don't understand all the energy, fuel and chemicals that go into a lawn obsession. Just don't get it. Maybe I should live out in the woods.

Today's weeds is tomorrow's food.

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