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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Awesome! Now that you've got Seth excited about his accomplishment it's most likely true that Lael will soon follow. Yeah!

Yeah, I think so, too. Thanks!

DD is 7. We live in San Diego where every other birthday party or playdate involves a pool or the beach and knowing how to swim is paramount. We have been trying, in vain, for years and years to get her to swim. Countless dollars spent on everything from public pool to private swim school to private instructor lessons, but with no luck. Then two weeks ago it clicked. Her terms, her timeline. I completely understand your frustration & elation. I hope the progress continues!

Today was even more amazing. Congrats and good luck!

Thank you for teaching the kids to swim, but I still have nightmares about finding them face down in the pool. Gah. I suppose that will never stop.


I have moments of fear when I'm in the pool with them.

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