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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's not just the credit card people -- it's regular banks as well. I happened to review my latest statement and saw a "service charge" fee for $5.95. WTF? I had not gone into the bank at all or had overdrawn on the account. I call the bank and they say "Oh...I'm sorry. It does look like you were erroneously charged that fee. I'll reverse it for you." But I wonder how many other folks had been "erroneously" charged and never even noticed the amount on their statement?

You make it sound like they can't make any money if you are paying on time. But they still get paid by every merchant at which you shop!

Grace: I've seen stories saying that bogus fees are happening with greater frequency.

B: Yes, I said that:

""You think the merchant doesn’t pass his credit card fees on to the consumer? If we get charged for the bullshit privilege of having a credit card, then we are being billed TWICE!""

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