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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Have you guys watched the movie Meet the Robinsons? There is a neat part that focuses on seeing mistakes as triumphs. It might mean something different to him coming from goofy animated characters.

Thanks for the tip! So far, Seth refuses to watch the movie. He's, shall we say, limited in what he'll watch.

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This is the part where parents usually get their wits and temper tested! More so, for dads, like you and me, who's not really fond of competition. At first, I let my little kid play some kiddie sports program in a Glendale activity center for his health and fitness (mini golf, bowling etc.) but as soon as he started losing, he started to show signs of self-pitying and anxiety - which is terrible news for us parents. At times like this, you need to talk to your kid about the importance of the game and the game, being actually more important than its results.

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