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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I had a bowl of oat bran cereal with a little honey this morning for breakfast. It was wonderful.

I was advised by my dietitian to avoid corn syrup completely. According to her, it's not "natural", and it is not something that your body doesn't break it down well, the way that it does natural sugars. I'm supposed to be avoiding all refined sugars and other carbohydrates in favor of whole grain and sugars in the form of fruits and such.

I also recently read Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma. He further incriminates corn syrups and other corn by-products.

Humans have evolved as hunters and gatherers, eating quite naturally since the beginning of time. Our bodies are tuned to process foods naturally. In the last 100 years, we're eating stuff that never even existed. We're processing natural foods into things that barely resemble what nature intended. Processed foods today are stripped of valuable nutrients, and packed instead with an overabundance of sugars and starches.

I'm with you completely Brett. And I'm glad to see that the industry is starting to make some changes, but it's still very difficult to find foods that are natural these days. I hope it gets easier soon.

Amen! So well said. I use agave nectar, but it doesn't get me all wired like it does you. Maple syrup is also great. Give up sugar and high fructose corn syrup and watch a miracle happen! Thanks for the concise information!

Kami Gray

Mark: Sounds like you have a good dietitian. I agree that we're hunters and gatherers, but I also believe large amounts of meat and fat is bad for a lot of us. I look and feel my best when the bulk of my diet, is well bulk. (veggies and fruit.)

Kami: Yeah, I can't explain my reaction to Agave. It's like caffeine without the buzz and hangover. But the stuff makes it impossible for me to sleep at night. My muscles twitch with hyperactivity.

Don't quote me on the details of our ancient ancestor's diets (I'm sure the facts can easily be found somewhere), but my recollection is that our hunter/gatherer ancestors didn't eat nearly as much meat as we do today. Factory farms are providing us with an overabundance of meat.

I'm sure hunting was sometimes difficult, and that perhaps the hunters came home a lot empty handed. Hunters and gatherers eventually turned into little civilizations that were brought together by agriculture, and I'm sure that's why our healthiest diet (that our we evolved to eat) were made up largely of whole grains, fruits, vegetables with reasonable proportions of seafood and meat.

The average adult is supposed to eat protein (meat or fish) at about 4 oz a day?

I've been advised to try to get as much fish as many days as I can, but at about 4oz/day. I brought up the "mercury" concern, and was sold that if I go with wild caught salmon, or wild caught sardines, that I would be avoiding the high levels of mercury. And that the benefits of the Omega 3's and other healthy things in these particular fish would be far greater than any risks of mercury. Seems like reasonable advise.

Initially, I wasn't sure that I would be able to do the sardines, but you can get boneless & skinless wild caught sardines, which, IMO, is similar to, but better than tuna. Now I buy those by the case. I eat them about 4 times a week. If you're sceptical, I recommend trying them. I've had people tell me that the "couldn't eat sardines", and then after trying these, tell me that it's actually really good.

I meant to say a couple of other things. Regarding 4oz... I think the average person in the US eats a LOT more than that every day. 4oz is like a deck of cards (which is what most nutritionists often describe the proper amount as)

I also feel much better when my diet is full of veg and fruit...

I'm also trying to go with more whole grain sides. Quinoa is pretty good. Recently was introduced to that. It's very reminiscent of couscous, but it's not processed. It's a whole grain. And my Sicilian grandmother used to steam whole wheat berries and then serve them with honey to us when we were kids. I recently picked up on that again.

I love sardines in any form, so no problem there.

I eat about 4 ounces of meat every other day at most. Otherwise, my cholesterol shoots through the roof.

Love quinoa. I've been eating it for 23 years or so. It has the best balance of proteins of any plant-based product.

I like wheat berries, too, but don't make them that often.

Just saw this:

Fructose Sweetening Increases Intraabdominal Fat?

That sounds right to me. I'd love to see how honey, agave sugar, corn syrup, white sugar and maple syrup all compare.

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