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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The banks are the robbers now.

the big picture gets lost in the details.

And why aren't the newly announced Fannie and Freddie 620,000 bonuses getting any play?

Its a total smokescreen, Bawney Fwank is unbearable to watch and is public enemy #1, Dodd #2, Pelosi #3...you get the point.

The outrage needs to be re-directed towards our so-called elected officials.

You have no idea how outraged the typical layman is when they hear that some ceos and execs get millions in bonus pay when the company didn't even perform well.

But the complexity of why AIG was bailed out and where those funds went simply go over the heads of these same people. They aren't outraged by any of these risky bets banks made, but because a few scapegoats are being blasted by President Obama and Congress people want to speak out against those AIG employees like our Government is a good guy again.

Take a bad move that makes our government bad guys, than have the hero (Obama) talk about how he'll fight for these funds (that were originally given to them with no strings attached) back, and you have a perfect distraction to keep the general audience busy.

I just had this exact conversation yesterday. Ridiculous.

Recall Obama and Pelosi etc etc

The money in question was handed over directly by the FED with no strings attached. The government had nothing to do with that first big bailout handout. The second AIG bailout came with a lot of strings attached AND repayment conditions. If you want to get bent out of shape about something, ask the REAL question - why the government has no control over it's own money supply. Remember that the FED is a privately owned bank (not answering to any government authority) - and THEY are the ones that loaned OUR money to their friends at AIG to help pay off default swap bets. Obama and the rest of the puppets in Washington have no real control over the money... We really need to take back control of our money again and quit making payments to the private banks. All of this money is on loan to our own government + interest and most of our government's income is from our tax dollars, so we're all paying interest on these loans to a privately held bank. It's in the banks best interest to keep the bailouts coming and rack up that debt...

Exactly. This is just one giant smokescreen to divert attention away from the complete raping of the American people.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

with every revelation, I feel more and more I am living in a banana republic instead of the USA.When exactly did our country go to the dark side???

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