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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Mine is the opposite. The worse the economy gets the more child support enforcement is needed. All day I deal with parents who need to find work to pay their child support.

Just wanted to share my story as a single dad. I feel fortunate that my ex-wife and I share joint legal and physical custody of our 3-year old son. However, the cost for the divorce, my attorney alone ran me near $10,000. I had to empty my savings account and cash in on the all of my available 401k. With that aside, I do not pay any child support or maintenance. I had to fight an uphill battle against, primarily, my ex's now fiance, who felt that he should have some say in the process. Regardless, I am now in a position with only one income and a large amount of debt, especially student loan debt. I owe almost $90,000 in student loan debt. My son and I live in a very simply two bedroom home in St. Paul, Minnesota. As teacher at a private school I am not earning enough to cover my debt. I am fearing the potential loss of my house and/or default on my student loans. I only have one credit card and I only owe $1,100 on that card. I am trying to do everything that I can to find new sources of income. If I were to get a part-time job, which due to the economy is hard to find, I may have to forgo time with my son and I do not like the thought of that. Does anyone have any insight as to what I can do to find revenue sources to pay my student loans? I appreciate any and all insight.

With Thanks.

My Fox 40 Micro whistle is really great typhoon Ondoy. I use it to call attention to drug my brothers and sisters because we live in a temporary port far away from the road. This photo is my neighbor's house after work where I always passed.

I had to fight a against, mainly, I am an uphill battle before the current fiance, who think he should be in the process have some say. Anyway, I have only one position in the income now and a lot of debt, in particular, student loan debt.

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