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Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is just another reason to buy local items in their most raw state. [sigh]

I blame wal*mart and other large retailers. Because to sell cheaper products and get more of the market, they went with cheaper produced products from a country that isn't properly regulated, rather then safer, but more expensive American or European products (though there are issues with those countries regulations too).

Plus, all those brilliant people who just bought whatever was on the shelf, without thinking or checking or even reading the ingredients list. Lead paint, now this melamine thing. What else have we been poisoned with over the years? It's a scary thought.

I agree with Grace. For once, I think I will say, I miss the old days. Back when people cooked and knew what was in their food and made things at home or bought them from someone they knew. Globalization is killing our children. That's scary stuff.

Grace: Not in Arizona. There isn't enough local to go around!

Summer: Yeah, I totally agree. What good are all our fancy toys and gadgets if we're eating plastic and lead?

À mon avis, un gouvernement de sauvegarde / sauvetage / plan de financement n'est pas la solution pour résoudre cette crise, et bravo à la Chambre de ne pas autoriser ce plan pour passer. L'idée de fournir des «bien-être social» de ces institutions financières est une blague (peu importe qu'il s'agisse d'un achat réduit qui peut ou ne peut pas financièrement se rembourser plus tard).

Il existe d'autres alternatives pour résoudre cette crise qui ne charge pas gravement la charge du contribuable américain (la façon dont le plan actuel ne). Mais, espérons que ces alternatives seront examinées rapidement avant qu'il ne s'aggrave ... oh, et que les dirigeants nationaux cherchent la sagesse de Dieu dans ce processus ci-dessus toute autre chose.

These are local items and you can get it from market very easily. I am totally agree with Grace.

Grace: Not in Arizona. There isn't enough local to go around!...

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