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Thursday, November 06, 2008


We all, adults as well as kids should lessen our medication consumption. We became strongly dependent on drugs and medication in the 21st century thanks to Doctors and medication factories who cares about their bank account more than they care about our health...

Ahhh the magic of a pill. Treat the symptom so we don't have to spend time or energy finding and treating the cause.

Western medicine has it's good points. If I knew a child that needed lowered cholesterol, I'd lecture the parent, not medicate the child. *sigh*

Tips: Yes.

Summer: Yeah, I don't get it. As a parent, the idea of medicating my kids freaks me out. I don't understand why parents choose that course above changing diet and lifestyle.

I know that education plays a huge role here and I'm sympathetic on that level. Still, it's scary to see in person.

yes, uhm, seriously, something is very wrong with where our health/well being is going. You are looking at some very unhealthy bodies (and minds? and souls?) I am sure there are many many reasons yet to be determined, but it certainly doesn't look good to me. I don't give a hoot on better diagnostics - this crap just was not an issue 50-100 years ago!
I say a big thing is diet and nutrition deficiencies as one big issue. We are overfed but way undernourished. We have got to get away from fake foods and move away from processed foods and fake fats/soy/vegetable oils and go back to traditional foods. I say this after I finished a half a pint of Ben and Jerrys! (but I would never share this with my kiddos!)

Let's face it, the human mind can't resist ice cream, cookies, etc. The key is to find ways to enjoy the fun stuff in moderation instead of making it our only foods.

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