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Saturday, October 04, 2008


my husbands birthday was yesterday and he is goiing to be on the tv show gene simmons family jewels in march of next year!that is good news!

My little boy loves to play with his trains, especially with Thomas. Unfortunately, that makes it so he doesn't want to play with trains when his friends come over. Because then he would have to share Thomas. Oh well. Maybe they could watch the movie together.

Thanks for the great giveaway! My little guy loves thomas and would be so excited! He runs around everyday acting like a choo choo train and everytime we go to the stores with a trainset he HAS to spend atleast 30 minutes playing with it ( even though he has thomas at home) :O) Thanks for the giveaway!

My 2 1/2 year old is a complete Thomas nut. He uses his trains to act out scenes from the shows and is gracious enough to let his 17 month old brother play along. That is IF the baby follows his directions. Nothing cracks me up more than watching him try and get the baby to crash the trains right!

My son Noa who is just about four has gone by the name of Thomas for over a year now and he has given all of us Thomas names. I'm Emily, dad is Gordon and baby brother is Toby. The other day as "Thomas" was leaving his soccer class, the teacher asked that all the kids line up like a choo-choo train. There was "Thomas" walking to the side of his team mates. When asked by his teacher why he wasn't walking in line with his friends he replied "I'm Thomas and I have my own branch line"... can't argue with that one!

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