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Monday, October 20, 2008


Ah Yes! I bet you could use the smallest dime of detergent and replace the rinse aid section with vinegar. Seriously, how dirty could your dishes be? I use a handful of natural (expensive) household cleaners, but I swear you could do almost all of it with just good old vinegar and baking soda.

Or try LemiShine. When we lived in Las Vegas and had the same problem this stuff worked miracles. Might be worth a look. Be careful of any hard water agent (LemiShine or vinegar) with cookware, too much of it can harm it if you're washing pots & pans in the dishwasher! :)

Kate: I think the rinse section doesn't put enough liquid into the dishwasher to be effective if I was to substitute vinegar. Those little bottles last for ever.

Amy: I never heard of LemiShine, but I'll be on the lookout. We never put our cookware in the dishwasher because it's made out of aluminum, which would get pitted by the water jets and heat.

Gosh I sound like a paid advertisement but LemiShine really worked wonders for us. And its a natural product. :)

So glad I stumbled in as I was just considering tossing my scummy glasses. Already found the Lemi Shine site & tracked a local supply! Thanks.

Hmm, I wonder if Lemi Shine will pay for my help?

What is LemiShine's advantage over the vinegar? White vinegar is cheap and incredibly effective, not only for this but as a fabric softener and an anti-bacterial agent and a general cleaning product.

White vinegar also neutralizes vomit odors in car fabrics faster than anything else I've encountered. Although you do have to tolerate the vinegar smell until it dries.

I was wondering about that. I mean, our natural propensity to favor expensive solutions over cheaper, natural ones.

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