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Thursday, August 28, 2008


My kids are finishing their 4th week. The Princess has reconnected with her friends from last year. The Bear is making friends with all the new kindergarten kids. Thankfully we're all in a good groove.

Are any kids Seth's age in your neighborhood?

We hope to provide Seth with some continuity from this year on. Yes, Seth and Lael have lots of kids their age in our neighborhood. We're already working on play dates.

How do you find playdates? I've never been successful at doing that. It's always me talking to moms, and I can always tell that the moms are uncomfortable talking to me. My wife's just too busy to call these women.

Oh well, my kids don't seem to care.

We're starting a Spanish homeschool program this week. When they're older, I'd like them to learn Mandarin Chinese, so they can communicate with our Chinese overlords.

I totally agree about Chinese, but the need to speak Spanish is far more immediate in AZ. Besides, Chinese is not the easiest thing to learn.

At first I thought the moms were standoffish, so I just cut through the ice with witty comments like, "Your son is so...." fill in the blank: tall, smart, violent.

Okay, just kidding on that last one. It's not natural for me to talk to people I don't know, but I find that if I can get one mom to trust me, the rest do much faster.

That or they think I'm really handsome. Hah!

They think you're really handsome. Stop talking to the moms.


Your Wife

Won't Seth slowly get to know his classmates, then play with them on the playground and then want to play with them after school?

Are there kids in your neighborhood, and don't some of them attend school with Seth? I guess the days of playing in the street are long gone.

About making playdates, yeah, among our circle of moms, there are only a few who will consider a playdate where my wife isn't present. It's partially because the playdate is half about a friendship between the moms, and partially because of an inherent bias developed because their own husbands aren't too great when it comes to childcare (for example, losing your kid at the mall.)

Golf is okay, but also look for team sports where Seth will meet a wider range of kids.

Our daughter just started soccer after a few months of kicking the ball with dad. Next year she starts kindergarten with a Spanish immersion component.

AJ: Of course Seth will, but at his age, it's till up to the parents to make things happen. The more parents I get to know, the faster they'll warm up to the idea of a playdate.

Since writing this, I've made considerable progress getting moms to trust me enough. Most want the play dates at their houses, but I'm fine with that.

BTW, I have two play dates set up for him next week.

Sports: Seth hasn't expressed much interest in team sports. I'm okay with that since I was a cross country runner, which despite its "team" elements, is mostly an individual sport. Right now, we're looking at tennis since he loved racquetball.

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