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Sunday, August 24, 2008


very cool birthday date!


Wow that's quite a kitchen you have in the new place! ;-) Oh wait... that's not at your new place. :-) Wouldn't that be cool to have a kitchen like that with lots of room and counter space?

Happy Birthday Anne. That sounds like a fun way to spend a birthday. What was on the dinner menu?

Halibut, I think. Pan-something or other fennel. New Potatoes. A bunch of things I can't eat because French cooking uses lots of milk.

Can barely remember after all that wine. (For me, all that wine means two glasses.)

Ask Anne, she'll have remembered every last detail.

Happy Birthday, Anne! You look so cute in that apron.

Great present, Brett. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

It was!

Hi all--the birthday was a real treat. We had halibut in a saffron sauce with lots of veggies and some sort of fennel side dish. For appetizer, we had gnocci in a fettucini-like cheese sauce (I think he called it bechamel?) And dessert was chocolate creme brulee! YUM.

And, oh yea, a ton of wine.

We left the recipes there, we were so tipsy. I really enjoyed myself, and I think Brett did too.

Thanks, sweetie!

My pleasure.

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