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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


and I heard the tainted tomatoes came from Texas and New Mexico.

Frankly, it's freakin' scary. I went to have a BLT at a restaurant on Friday, and they were all out because they'd pulled the tomatoes.

I'm super glad I eat most of my produce local - I am now daily cheering on my tomato plants to ripen as quickly as possible. *does tomato dance*

After last years spinach, and this years tomato - things that are only happening in the industrialized food chain, I am just going to keep eating as local as humanly possible. My trust in local farmers and producers is much higher then my current trust in the FDA.

I totally agree with you on the local thing. The problem in Chicago is there is no local food for 8 months. Even now, the farmer's markets only have strawberries, spring onions and a little bit of lettuce. (Asparagus has already run its course.)

Forget the strawberries. The ones you lugged home yesterday on your 2-hour trek through hell are now jam. Unintentionally so, of course.

They're in the fridge cultivating penicillin. Sigh.

Quick, make a smoothie!

While I do appreciate your effort to maintain a positive attitude, this post made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. I mean, it's all terrible news, of course, and the world is clearly ending, but your check-off list of wretched items cheered me up. Thank you!

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