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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I went through the Webkinz phase with my kids. They had a few of these stuffed animals.

Now that they are older, there are other types of online worlds that they are interested in. Some of them are purely games and don't cost anything (and aren't trying to sell anything as far as I know), but some of them do try to get kids to part with their real world cash. I had to uninstall MapleStory after my son kept nagging me to let him put more money into it. I let him burn the first $10, but cut him off after that. I said, "Play it and earn money in the game, or barter for accessories with other players. But he kept wanting to part with his real money to take the "easy route" to acquiring weapons or power in the game. I pulled the plug and uninstalled the game.

If parents are struggling to get the kids to "unplug", and as long as Brett doesn't mind me plugging my own product, ComputerTime really does work well at limiting kids time, getting kids to share the computer fairly, and eliminating the fights.


I don't mind. Someday I'll probably be using your product, but my kids don't have a computer log on yet.

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