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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Public Transit is expensive and no one wants to pay for it. Not the Tax payers, not the people who ride... *sigh* so what are they to do?

That said, the whole exhaust issue is still nasty. Charlotte's buses are clean and warm, and only occasionally later then a minute or two. I don't understand how a bigger city can't get buses that work properly.

I agree with you that more needs to be spent on mass transit, not less. In fact, I don't mind paying for it, but like any other customer I want to be treated fairly. Chicago Transit fails at this miserably.

I am told Chicago makes its own buses, which probably explains why they are so awful.

I'm sorry, it's not funny, but I was laughing. Since I know you, I could totally picture you wanting to kick their tires! And I wouldn't blame you. 8 degrees, huh? : )

Yeah, I'm still feisty at times. And yeah, 8 degrees, but feels like -14.

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