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Friday, January 18, 2008


Drugs can be scary. Often they cause other side effects which you have to take more pills for. Trust me, as someone who was on 13 different meds at one time (27 pills a day and 4 shots of laxative to wash it all through).

Cymbalta, which is advertised on TV, is something I and another friend of ours took. For different reasons (neither of which was primarily depression), with different results and painful withdrawal periods. Being suicidal for weeks isn't my personal idea of fun, nor is watching a friend go through that.

What I will say for meds like that is that they can be weened from, and when taken properly, they can reset the bodies chemical processing. I haven't had a bout of depression since I stopped taking the Cymbalta (aside from during the withdrawal period). Some people aren't so lucky and do have to take them over long periods.

Of course, I knew when I was taking it that several of the college students (who many many drugs tests are done with) in one study killed themselves while on the med - enough that they canceled the study part way through. Of course, those kids weren't depressed, they were "healthy" so... I'm not sure how that research was relevant.

That said, I always shake my head when I see a commercial for the stuff. I worry about them. But then, I worry about all those commercials, this is just the one I have experience with.

All that said, there's no reason to think we aren't the guinea pigs for lots of drugs. New drugs come out, are pushed on docs... I could rant here, but I won't. Let's just say that I think the overall Phama industry could use some overhaul in it's "best practices."

Definitely. Thanks for the personal perspective!

I just got a note from my doc saying to stop taking zetia because the recent study results -- withheld by big pharma for two years -- show no benefits. And I just refilled the scrip. I wish I could get my $10 copay back, and more importantly, that the insurance plan could get back the $100 or however much they are charged by the drug company. Class action lawsuit anyone?

That is really scary.

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