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Friday, January 11, 2008


We feel like we dodged a bullet by me graduating and getting a job just in time. There are so many law school grads who have been unable to find legal work at any level.

Wow, didn't know that. Glad to hear you found a good job.

I think everyday Americans have a better idea of when a recession is happening than the hotshot economists.

So does that mean they are going to stop calling this an economy "correction?"

No really, you don't have to tell me economic times stink. We are looking at yet another year with no vacation (as I write this I'm getting that pesky twitch in my right eye again). Of course our local news informed us that our county (South of Nashville) is "recession proof" in tems of housing. That's only because the droves of Californians just won't stop coming and buying up huge houses. We certainly couldn't afford our house today if it were on the market. I digress...

It'll be months before the economy is called a recession. That's because they are "officially" determined months after they start.

The droves will stop soon, because Californians won't be able to unload their homes in the near future. But Californians will keep coming in general because even in a bad economy, home values there are way higher than most anywhere else.

Just saw this elsewhere... I saw this and it seemed... well... not necessarily optimistic for the short term, but kind of reassuring that it's not likely the end of the world.


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