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Monday, December 03, 2007


Having seen the inside of child support enforcement in our fair state, that story is pretty limited in scope. It's a pretty WI centric story and is largely inapplicable in IL. If a non custodial parent (NCP) is required to pay the state back, that gets tacked on after the child emancipates so the CP is receiving all the child support while the child is a minor. Also, if the NCP goes to jail for non payment, they are let out 4 hours per day to job hunt or put on work release. It actually gets a lot of NCPs working faster than on their own. If s/he is under an order to find employment but not in jail s/he may only apply at a handful of places over a 2 week period.

So Illinois is one of the few exception states?

It's not child support it is Parental (or Paternal) Pecuniary

It would be correct from the standpoint of politicians to save the family, because family is the basis of the State

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