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Thursday, December 06, 2007


I actually read all of these.

I heard on the Radio the other day someone from China talking about how it's not their fault. The design is made in America and then something like... "Look at all the good things China makes. Some bad things will happen."

I was floored. I mean, okay, so percentage wise maybe the toy things is limited but I can't understand how deaths of anyone can be okay.

I mean, we'll all die someday anyway, but I don't want to go out via a Aqua Dot.

I agree.

What's equally worrisome about Chinese products are not the name brands. Read Lazarus's story through and you discover the worst of the worst doesn't arrive in the states. The really nasty stuff travels from China to L.A. to Mexico.

Oh, and I should add I really appreciate you for reading all the way through!

Don't worry. After Congressional attention sputters and people stop suggesting that the CPSC should be expanded, the frequency of recalls will die back down and we can go back to thinking our products are safe.

The sad thing is how true your statement is, AJ.

I was looking for info before I shopped for my little cousins this year and came across your site. Thanks for the great details. I also found this site, looked pretty thorough: http://www.healthytoys.org/home.php

I guess my biggest issue is not just with the Chinese companies that are making these lead and GHB infested toys. It is with the so-called "[All] American" companies like Wal-Mart that think they are not responsible. They are. They demand lower prices at the risk of safety and quality. Someone needs to hold them accountable! My two cents :-) Thanks again for the resource.

PS -- @AJ... I am not so sure this issue will be fading away, it might even get bigger? Check out this letter calling on the chair of the Subcommittee on Interstate Commerce, Trade & Tourism (Dorgan) to hold hearings on Wal-Mart’s pressure on Chinese suppliers. It also seems like it might make it onto the radar for the presidential campaign this year too, I bet.


Thanks Lyndzee, I mention healthytoys.org in a recent post. And yes, American companies are culpable for putting so much pressure on Chinese manufacturers. Thanks for Wal-Mart link!

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