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Wednesday, November 07, 2007



---round of applause---


You don't even look 1000!

I look young for my age.

At the current Canadian US exchange rate, 1,000 US is equal to 920 Canadian. We're anxiously awaiting the next 80 to celebrate with you.

Congrats! And keep the great posts coming.

Wow, congrats! I'm at 837 posts as of today.

I didn't realize we've both been blogging for the same amount of time. My first post was in May of 2004.

I think I've been reading your blog longer than any other!

Clint: By the time I get the next 80 in, the exchange rate will be 2 U.S. to 1 Canadian.

Phil: Thanks. I think yours and Blue Sloth's are the ones I've been reading longest.

Man... it's been years hasn't it?

I gave it up for personal reasons, and I have absolutely no regrets, as much as I enjoyed it at the time.

I'm glad you're still going. Congrats Brett.


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