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Monday, October 15, 2007


OH MY GOD. Sometimes I click on your link and wonder, with clinched teeth, what favorite toy, food, etc. will be on the chopping block today. But this one just about made me blow coffee through my nose. Thanks for the light hearted break on what is becoming a more and more crazy world.

Totally my pleasure.

Why, when I was a kid we had nothing. NOTHING, I tell you! We would've been more than happy to play on a cheese grater. HAPPY! These kids today, they have it so easy, what with their plastic slides and bouncy houses.


When I was a kid, I had to walk the entire length of the street -- through 6 feet of snow in -40 temperatures -- to catch the school bus.

You had a school bus? When I was a kid.....LOL I always thought my Dad was just wasting a lot of hot air when I got those types of stories but as I look at my little guy, I am already starting to put them together in my head. I can see him now with his kid--"When I was a kid, we only had an Xbox360 and IMac to do our homework with."

I tried one of those stories on my kid. He's like, "No way, dad."

You should not make me laugh so hard. I am 39 weeks pregnant, you know.

You will have a baby with a sense of humor.

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