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Thursday, October 18, 2007


It seems strange to have to label some of the things that are unsafe for little kids as unsafe. Who could have possibly thought that a glowing, skinny stick attached to a string and hung around the neck would be bad to give to your toddler?

On the plus side, anybody who got one gets a free donut. I'll have to keep my eyes open for any of these discarded around the neighborhood.

The tough ones for me are choking hazards: there is no question that kids choke and die. At the same time, our entire home is a choking hazard. Still, I'd rather parents be aware of the situation than not.

The cool clip thing is a little scary.....The Antioch Company (Yellow Springs, OH) is right in my backyard. What's strange is that Yellow Springs has the reputation around here as a sort of throwback to the 60's.....lots of farmland, organic produce, grassroots sort of stuff.

Ah, the wonders of globalization.

A LOT of stuff is getting recalled due to lead paint. I've thrown out a lot of my son's toys cause of it.

Yeah, it's crazy.

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