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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I can't say I'm surprised. Fighting of any kind makes me ill, but especially the kind where I don't get to say anything. And I have never been able to go in for the silent treatment - I feel like the words are trying to literally burst from my chest.

But mind you, I'm the kind of person where I can fight dogs-and-cats one minute, someone says "I'm sorry" and I'm ready to move on a minute later. I'm not the type to hold a grudge, as long as I get my say in the matter.

Great study information. Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure. BTW, I think the arguing model goes beyond just spouses. If you can't defend yourself to family or colleagues at work, I suspect the effect is the same.

I'm betting that a work model of this study would be even more devastating. In an environment where people are discouraged to speak their minds or share their opinions, the health risks have to be phenomenal.

I sincerely believe my first really bad flare up was due to a deeply unhealthy work situation where I had no ability to protect myself from constant negative harassment. It literally made me ill - the panic attacks and fainting upon entering the building should have been the clue.

Fainting? I don't think any of my jobs were ever THAT bad. I agree, though, that certain jobs suck all self-confidence out like a whirling tornado.

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