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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Lovely medical system we have here where a specialist in Pediatric Psychopharmacology would rather have kids take a pill [and keep him earning the BIG BUCKS] than solve hyperactivity at its source which could be food additives.

I think the additives also affect adults. The people I know that eat a no-additives diet just seem much more calm and balanced than those that don't.

In France, where I'm from, hyperactivity is almost unheard of, but then again people eat mainly fresh food with no preservatives nor artificial colorings.

Isn't all this just part of a big yet simple idea that man made chemicals tend to adversely affect whatever natural system they interact with?


I guess you don't remember me telling you that I was cited in a book in the early 1970s on allergies because I had a reaction to the flavorings in lollipops (and presumably other candies).

My mother also controlled my younger brother's hyperactivity by changing his diet. I think the problem there was also food additives.

The book was by Marshall Mandell, one of the leading allergists. Here's a web page on him:

Yeah, other kids thought I was a freak. After a while, I started eating the banned foods anyway, but nothing could help me socially. I was queen of the dorks.

yes, I was also shocked at the dr. statements about socialization...why should the doctor care more about this issue than the actual health of the children. Besides - there's no reason (beyond greedy corporations getting in the way) why we can't have healthy food, and even treats that aren't full of these additives. I think it was back peddling due to political pressure from food industry.

Anne: Oh, don't say that about yourself, it's not true. But at least you're not hyperactive!

Kate: Absolutely.

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