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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We don't have a problem w/ Henry eating his veggies. He hasn't met a veggie he doesn't like. But I find gardening to heighten his taste for vegetables. If we pick peppers from the garden he will definitely eat them at dinner.

FYI - new name and website for me. I sent the link to your new business to some college friends who work for Edward Jones.

Thanks! We would have better luck with veggies if we had some growing room. A balconey garden with 40 mile per hour winds limits what survives.

Hope all is well.

I saw some research a few years ago about how kids, when offer an apple vs a rock with a Sponge Bob sticker on it, would chose to the rock for a snack.

A rock. To eat. Not that the kids could figure out how to eat it...

I found that to be disturbing. Still, thinking of the video of the kids choosing rocks.... I shake my head.

Sadly, I believe it. I've seen kids refuse to eat a hamburger if it was from a non-chain restaurant.

For the record, I'm not very happy with mankind at the moment.

Since my kids were toddlers, we've had one clear Snack Policy in our house. Carrots are always in the fridge for them to snack on whenever they want, without having to ask. My son eats a dozen or more a day. We just don't keep other stuff, like pretzels and chips, around the house. It's completely up to parents to set this attitude into their childrens' mind. But too many don't take the time and just do what's easy.

I agree. But so many kids now are past that point it's just scary. And sad.

Is there really a plausable solution though? It's an epidemic that we can't get control over. And those that do make the effort only win until their child is old to say "No". It doesn't last very long, you can only teach your child right from wrong, healthy from unhealthy, ect - and hope that you have done well. My 1.5 year old loves spinnach.. how odd is that? No McDonald's wrapper needed.

It is exhausting fighting overall culture. Sooner or later, your kid is going to see commercials, ads, etc. Or their friends will tell them about it.

I think there is only one real solution and that is to change the culture. Sounds great, but the problem is obvious: getting people to organize and say enough is enough.

Well, we keep junkfood and healthy food around the house, so they can have a choice, and they normally don't pick junkfood! Kids don't normally listen to parents but their friends who are all on diets or say that junkfood is bad dor you, so they listen!

That's interesting. So peer pressure to NOT eat junk food actually works?

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