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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Wait a minute. Who gives a TV set as a gift? Is this the Christmas episode of WKRP? You're no Lonnie Anderson.

A relative's hand-me-down.

Look at Ravenswood Manor for a house to rent. On the brownline, on the river and I can introduce you to lots of families over there.

I was recently given a tv in a similar manner (the first tv I've ever had in a bedroom), and while it's been nice to watch LOST and the Colbert Report in bed, for the most part I've left it off.

I can't sleep with it on, and the hum of electronics plugged-in-but-turned-off can sometimes even bother me.

Though, for a while I thought it was possessed - it would turn itself on at 11:30 every night. First I thought it wanted to watch Stephen - then I realized the Sleep feature had been turned on.

Leah: Thanks Leah, but what's Ravenswood Manor?

Autumn: LOL on TV turning itself on. Don't worry, we leave our TV off 99 percent of the time.

Ravenswood Manor is just on the other side of the river between Montrose and Lawrence. (It's where the gov'ner lives.)

Houses, lawns, trees, the river... it's very nice.

Head to about 2800 W Wilson and start exploring.

Oh, someone we know mentioned moving to somewhere on Wilson. We will check it out.

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