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Friday, March 02, 2007



RE: the lottery, I just said almost the exact same thing to my colleagues on Wednesday.

"I'm no dummy. When I buy a lottery ticket every week, I understand the statistics involved. I'm not buying a chance to win as much as I am paying $1 for the permission to dream. Otherwise, what kind of outlook would I have? I'm buying optimism and a better attitude. So really, you all are the ones that benefit from my lottery tickets."

What are the current 'odds' on staying in the city next year?

Chris: Yeah, it's funny. I never had much of a gambling bug, but every now and then I would buy one. I started realizing how one ticket would get my imagination rolling with what I could do. Now I'm trying to achieve those things whether I win or not.

John: You mean as opposed to the suburbs? About 2 to 1.

Actually, it's early March and winter keeps reasserting itself. It's c-c-cold outside.

Oh, I wrote the post a couple days ago and didn't notice I set it to run in March.

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