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Thursday, March 08, 2007


It's okay. There's something very relaxing about doing four puzzles at once when you're sick.

This is very funny. I'm glad it's not me though!

The more adversity, the funnier my wife's writing.

You know those tiny weird magnetic styrofoam balls that are inside bean bag chairs? They get in your hair and stick to your clothes. You can't even get them off of your hands, they cling to everything.

Try cleaning THAT up when they've successfully smashed the chair open thinking it's no different than a trampoline.

Been there, done that! But not with our kids; long time ago. No bean bag chairs allowed in our home.

At least she still has her sense of humor!

So far! Doesn't help I'm at work 12 hours a day and another 5-6 on weekends.

Shhh ... don't tell my kids about the beanbag thing. That's all I need.

So funny. I'm so sorry, Anne. Been there, done that.

At least we don't have a cat. I can only imagine what would happen with litter.

Two little tikes running loose while in the shower? That was a fatal error. Puzzles where kids could reach them? Second error.

I suggest a shop vac to suck up puzzle pieces when too tired to clean 'em up.

You gotta love how the little ones like to undo whatever you do, though. Put away puzzles, get puzzles dumped out. Make something with Legos, get it disassembled in record time...

The problem: Our apartment is too small to keep stuff out of reach. There is no hiding the toys, puzzles and books here.

Anne deals with stress the way that I often do... by countering with humor. That's not a skill that everybody has, but it's a good one to keep in the arsenal...

Thanks for sharing. Made me laugh. Hope everybody is feeling better!

Everyone but me. Now I'm getting it.

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