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Sunday, January 14, 2007


AJ on Thingamababy just posted about some very cool looking shoes and boots -- specifically mentioned that he wished they lived in a climate with snow so his daughter would have a reason to wear them. Might be worth checking it out -- a little bit pricier than typical StrideRite or similar.


Incidentally, I was gonna email this to you but couldn't find your email address or link here on the site, so feel free to delete this after you've got the info.

Heard a great interview on NPR last week about a book that sounded really interesting, all about how to have a healthy type of discipline with your kids. Called "No," by David A. Walsh. It is archived on the site and also is available as a podcast on iTunes if you have that -- look for the Diane Rehm show from 1/9/07. Otherwise, just check out this link:


You can come here for all the rain you want. Today is the fourth day in a row for rain. : (

Traffic sucks? Out there, also?

Actually, when I visited the Washington DC area, I found the traffic much worse than in El-Lay. Out east, the infrastructure just can't handle that much traffic.

Sans lake, living in the Midwest is very, very difficult.

So how many times have the neighbors forced your hand? Is there a clause in the lease contract that you get a free month when the neighbors keep ruining your use of your space?

Why do you have to decide in the next few months? What are the modifying factors?

And when I'm healthy, your Utopian day is pretty close to my day in day out reality.

All: We were able to exchange Lael’s broken pink boots for boys black boots. We chose them because 1. Target was out of girl boots in Lael’s size 2. They were much stronger and 3. Black doesn’t scuff as easily as pink ones.

Mark: AJ should keep the warm weather and just travel to the mountains when he wants to see snow. I love the NPR quote.

Kelly: Ah, someone who understands.

KC: I could get them thrown out if I wanted to by complaining to management. I just don’t have it in me to do that ... yet.

Margaret: $$$ and lack of space are the biggest factors. The cost of renting is far too expensive and it makes much more sense to buy soon, because the housing market is expected to bottom out in the next few months. Oh, and our lease is up in September.

Since you are living my utopia, can you tell me how to get there?

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