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Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey, I would read every word you wrote! Maybe you should self-publish.

I know, I know, where would you find the time to write it.


I for one would still be here waiting to read your book since this topic interests me as well.

Nerdy dads ROCK!

All: Thanks!

I'm so with you. I started reading http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/strollerderby/default.aspx
and while a lot of the posts are interesting and/or funny, I just have a hard time relating to the cool hip dad who wants to hold onto his youth even though he's not that young anymore. I'd really rather be playing with my kids than trying to figure out the best way to incorporate my kids into my bar hopping.

Sounds like I need to get some tats.

Just found your blog. I like it so far. Add one more reader to your list.

I read that, too. And some of the books in the genre as well.

I just can't relate. I'm not an 'alternative' dad. I'm just a guy dealing with fatherhood, never mind trying to stay young or dealing with co-parenting.

Brian: Yeah. I put the blog away as soon as the kids wake up.

Mitch: Thanks!

Jared: exaxtly

hmmm, at this point going out to bars sounds very tempting...

I wish we could line up the people who would actually be interested in buying a book about "How to Be A Dad Without Losing Your Style" so that I could know upfront a whole group of people I don't want to meet

I bet a lot of people would buy a parody of such a book, however.

Chip: Oh?

Gooch: lol

Anne: double lol

Yeah, self publish! Blurb.com has been in the news lately as a self-publishing shop.

As for hit-starved blog, I have a hard time picturing this one getting fewer than mine's getting ;)

And, turn your blog into a book: blurb.com/create/book/blogbook

Not reading the plethora of comments before I state my opinion.

First, everything you said makes you the perfect candidate for being a great dad. And as a friend and reader or your words, I surmise that you have taken that candidacy and run with it.

Second, not being good 'book material' is what you want as a dad. Boring, in this case is oh so good. You perform your duties, you raise well-adjusted, happy, intelligent and caring children who will go on to far outshine your accomplishments in this world . . . fucking perfect.

Makes for a shitty book if you're trying to sell a Hollywood-ready story. You need turmoil and conflict and pain and redemption to hook people.

Not things you'd choose for your beloved family.

So, we can sit back and read the stories, smile wryly at the guys who struggle to discover that this is really where it's at, welcome them in with open arms and a pat on the back, and have out little blogs.

Be happy in anonymity.

And happiness.

KC: Sorry to hear about slow hits; I guess we're not marketing mavens. As to blurb a book -- Yeah I heard of that program. It's a widget on Typepad, too.

Phil: Ah you're right on all counts. I always tease my wife that the reason she can't make it onto the literary scene is that her life was just too normal.

Still, I sometimes want to get reeaaaalll snarky just for some hits.

I know I've felt bad because real life (and pre-teen competition for computer time...guess who's losing that battle?) has cut into my blog reading time. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up.

On the book front -- it's tough. I too wanted to be a dad as long as I could remember, but there is still a part of me that wants to stay at least a little bit cool (A very little bit, I never had that much to begin with) and still enjoy aspects of child-free days. My best friend, who is 4 days older than me (Happy birthday Chris!) just found out his wife is pregnant, and I'm having flashbacks to all the things I felt and the mystery in front of me in terms of how my lifestyle would change, going from single bachelor, to part of a couple, to impending parenthood all in the space of a year.

I think there is definitely nothing wrong with these books -- heck, it's a good thing that more people are exploring fatherhood and all aspects of it. For alot of dads, giving up a carefree, hipster, "grup" lifestyle (nod to Daddytypes) for changing diapers and chasing a toddler around the park IS gonna be a big change. Most books directed at new dads have been the clueless caveman type, the more voices that are out there talking about their experience of fatherhood, whatever it may be, the better.

Oh, I don't think there's anything wrong with these books. In fact, I think they're a great thing on a whole. I mostly am making fun of myself.

Somebody once called my blog "bland" and I now wear that as a badge of honor.

Three years, 630 posts, and I have yet to use the F-word! I'm definitely not one of the cool dads.

A recent survey of bloggers suggests that "most" are blogging to a small audience and don't write with the intention of being trendy or popular. See pewinternet.org/PPF/r/186/report_display.asp

Phil: I think I've only swore once or twice for effect or because it was in a quote, but my site would probably be called bland, too. I am definitely not a "cool" person by hipster standards.

KC: That's actually a good thing, I think. Thanks for the link.

Wait? Cursing is cool? I need to tell my husband this. He's made me stop... blah.

You know, I like you bland old fellows better. For many reasons, but your blandness is lovely in my eyes.

Aw, shucks.

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