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Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was a silent reader and guess I should leave my comment.

Well, we are all dads and we understand the crazy juggling of work, interest, kids, wife and mistress (I mean blog).

I had to cut back on things when we started homeschooling my son. But Google Reader helped me keep up with other blogs. I kind of overdid it, though, subscribing to about 150 blogs. And these moms and dads are prolific! So lately I've had to reduce the number I read to around 100.

wait a minute, are you just trying to guilt trip me here...?

Anway, I've cut WAY more corners than you! So I win the negligent blogger award, not you!

I just had to begin using bloglines to streamline my blog reading. My grades suffered last semester so I'm taking steps to spend less time blog reading as well as at my part time job.

Kevin: Thanks so much for reading. From Singapore no less. The building you live in is amazing.

Phil: I've tried using readers too, but I almost always oversubscribe. I like the randomness of surfing even if it's impractical.

Chip: No way would I guilt trip anyone but my own kids. (Kidding folks. About guilt tripping my kids, that is.)

Rayne: Yeah, school has to come first. At least you're almost done?

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