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Thursday, December 07, 2006


PGD is an interesting topic. There are a few parallels to donor conception in that potential parents choose donors by their traits and background info. Granted the effect is not as dramatic as creating multiple embryos and selecting one over another because A is a boy with xyz genes over B that is a girl. But using donor conception to design your child is not ethically that far behind.

Anti-donor conception activists would argue in both scenarios the choices are those of the parents imposed on the children in what they are born with. It's a wild topic I am sure we will hear more and more off over the coming years.

I suspect that whether right or wrong, this process will continue to evolve and force answers upon us.

Most artificial mutations don't affect the germline and therefore aren't passed on to future generations.

Good point.

Anytime there is an option to make choices about what your baby will be like, there will be controversy. Whether it's to avoid a disease, choose their gender, or whatever the case may be, there are those who think you are playing g-d. Where do you draw the line with making these types of choices?

True about their always being controversy. Lines have to be drawn and redrawn as our knowledge and maturity grows.

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