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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My personal thought on it is men are too stubborn. They're convince inside that they'll be young forever and heal easily. And even if they do heal on their own they don't realize it may weaken them for future injuries. I see male athletes who should know better constantly playing on injuries and making them worse. I want to tell them they're better off if they take a couple weeks off then playing on a perpetual injury that slows them down - making them more a team liability.

I wonder if its the "I need to be healthy to take care of everyone else" thought that women have. I know that to be able to take care of others, do my work as its best, and be a top shape (for me at least) I have to do the proper maintence and doctor visits every 3000 miles.

Do men fear being seen as weak? Is going to the doctor or taking a couple weeks off from sports and exercise a sign of that weakness? Can we stop father's from telling their sons to "walk it off"?

Those are good points too. Weekend warriors are much more likely to get injured than those who keep exercising more regularly.

My grad school professor was fond of saying, "Most men die with prostate cancer, not from it."

Frankly I'm not all that interested in living past about 80. I'm kind of hoping the ticker goes slightly before the brain starts to loose it.

And remember that women usually go into the doc at least once a year for their annual well-woman exam. You know...checking those internal bits & pieces. Maybe there should a well-man exam each year?

For me personally, I just don't like going to the doctor (despite the fact my dad IS one). Unless there's something seriously wrong, I don't go. Probably a cross between machismo and wimpiness, as I like to think "Eh, I'll just lay around in bed till I feel better" and also "Uh oh, what if he wants to do something that hurts?"

And as a sidenote, I find that quote from the women's health lady interesting/depressing. How come anytime anyone talks about something that might benefit men, there's some militant women's group saying "no no, women are the only ones that deserve extra help, regardless of whatever statistics or common sense may say otherwise...too bad!"

Brian: That's true about prostate cancer. As to living to 80, I would be happy to live well past it as long as can keep myself in good overall health.

Grace: Yes, there probably should be. I try to go once a year.

Mark: I'm not a big fan of pain, but I figure it beats more later on.

As to the men don't deserve the extra help, I agree. Not very friendly, huh?

And remember that women usually go into the doc at least once a year for their annual well-woman exam

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