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Monday, November 20, 2006


I really wouldn't worry. The Democrats carried the 18-29 year old vote, something like 60% to 39%. They don't want to loose it. Rangel is just trying to get publicity; it'll never pass.

Good point.

I agree with Brian--the dems won't support it (I think Pelosi already said as much). I oppose the draft, but I definitely understand where Rangel is coming from. I doubt that many people in his district have the ability to opt out of military recruitment, the way that the billionaires you're talking about, can. Ultimately, I think this is more about getting middle- and working-class people rising up in defense of their children, than it is designed to draft the kids of the rich.

I don't think Rangel is "trying to get publicity." He's a committed and very serious person.

I think he IS trying to get a discussion started in this country about how easy it is for our nation's leaders to go to war when it's not their kids -- or the kids of upper middle class people in general -- who will be fighting and dying.

And speaking of Vietnam, the idiot in chief really did it again, didn't he, with his comment about staying and winning. Does he really not know what happened in Vietnam thirty some odd years ago? Does he really think all would have been better if the US had just continued bombing that country and sending its young men to die?

That is why Rangel wants this conversation.

And that's why I really think it's great. And my son is 12, so is much closer to draft age than most readers' kids here.

Landismom: So you think this is a ploy to piss off America's Middle Class and working poor? Interesting.

Chip: I think the discussion is fine as long as my kid doesn't get sucked into a war this way.

Remember when you were thinking of moving and I kept saying come to the midwest it's cheap? Here's something I didn't know from CNN,

The most expensive metro area in the nation was in San Francisco/Oakland, where the median home price is $749,400. Two areas, Decatur, Illinois and Youngstown, Ohio shared the distinction of having the lowest prices - with medians of just $86,000.

We were living in Decatur. No wonder it was such an affordable place to live.

About Rangle, I heard him on the radio taking about the House Ways and Means Committee Chairmanship and I was tickled by his manner of speaking.

Chicago is cheaper than L.A., but not much.

I guess I need to learn more about Rangel.

The idea of a draft Terrifies me. Obviously, not because of MY children by because of my siblings and peers. I've already lost to many contemporaries to this war. The idea of lose more is wretched.

The draft is partly what chased my family out of Russia. That and the Pogroms.

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