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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Glad to hear you've made it to Chicago! I think moving is one of the more traumatic life events, and I hope you will soon get a bit of stability and even down time if possible. Hope to see you in Chicago!

Thanks. The move has been pretty traumatic on my kids so far. We can't wait to see you again.

I hate instability... When we made the BIG MOVE three years ago, I was both excited and frustrated. As I begin middle-age I enjoy the feeling of being settled. So I understand the temporary turmoil you're having to go through. But it will quickly pass. Good luck with everything, I know you'll all be having a great time in your new city!

Thanks Phil.

Hey there-

I'm Rayne's sister in Chicago. I'm an active member of Emanuel Congregation which houses CJDS. I have lots of friends in Lakeview and on Chicago's northside. When you are settled and if you want a guide, shoot me an email.

Welcome to Chicago!


Thanks, I will.

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