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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


No I don't think it is. These are real and serious problems, and the current administration and its allies are, as always, muddying the waters trying to make things out to be not so bad. But there'll come a tipping point when it'll be too late to do anything, just like in global warming and other environmental issues.

By the way, I know the primary author, and he is not prone to exaggeration. He is a very level-headed, even-keeled person.

Our kids or grandkids may be forced inland because it will be too dangerous to live near the oceans. What a thought.

I haven't read the articles yet, as we just now returned from a week-long trip to.... THE OCEAN!

And what's really freaky is that while we were on the Washington coast, we saw dozens of jellyfish washed up on the beach. Not to mention thousands of crab parts (eaten by seagulls, I guess). We didn't swim in the water, but did play in the tidepools.

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