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Thursday, August 31, 2006


You raise excellent points. I have twin daughters with vastly different temperaments, which indicates the importance of predestined or genetic proclivities. At the same time, I realize my parenting makes the difference in their lifestyle choices and how they can peacefully steer around stumbling blocks life, genetics, and other things out of their control put in front of them.

It isn't easy though, is it?

By the way, you have quite a blog considering it's brand new.

I agree that the perfect diet didn't really exist.Diets always cost you something.


maybe choices may cause life span to be better but i dont think that we are responsible for all things because acidents happen, and they happen to healthy and not healthy people ,

i agree withyou that unhealthy people are in more danger but its not a must that healthy men live longer...

life has its own ways

Just found your site by accident doing a search for something completely unrelated. I very much like what i have seen so far! Added your RSS feed to my rss reader, looking forward to reading more. thanks

Hi, I must admit this is an interesting post and blog in general. I feel bad there are not more places like this around. We all need quality informations and knowledge in order to advance and become more complete in parenting. Sasha

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