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Monday, July 03, 2006


yeah, I think we forgot how overwhelmingly intense even a mellow movie is when seen in a theater.

Glad you're having some good time with Seth.

that movie was great :)

It was a fun movie. Loved the inside jokes, too.

The movie Cars definitely reignited my son's interest in all his Hot Wheels cars. So that was a good side effect. Some of those action films have an effect not unlike sugar. The kids get so excited, and it takes a long time for them to come down.

There are some really calming mellow movies out there that don't have the MTV-type quick edits, but you have to back a few years to find them. Lady and The Tramp is one. Some of the Disney live action films from the 60's and 70's are also good, like The Apple Dumpling Gang and Swiss Family Robinson.

Yeah, I know I need to pick up some of the older movies. By the way, Seth thinks 101 Dalmations is too scary.

We've seen this movie twice now (I know this is a bit excessive). This is a long movie but each time both of the children enjoyed the entire movie and upon ending our nearly 4 year old son said "I just don't want it to end". I loved the movie as well and also take great caution in choosing what my children see/don't see but this one is a winner. A few nice lessons along the way and a prize movie to boot. I know time alone with children is difficult to come by so I'm glad you got to spend this time with your son. Hope you guys have a great 4th.

Thanks Brent.

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